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How's your sense of humor?

WANTED: Mobile Application Wizard
                     (Love for dogs a plus)

We are looking for a few kick-ass Mobile Application Developers. This is a unique opportunity to get involved in the development of a game-changing high-performance application on various mobile platforms. Have fun working with a great team and file a bunch of patents along the way.


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Web Architect: French Press not Drip

Are you an amazing Web architect in search of
a new challenge?
We need you. Yesterday.

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Do you laugh (or wince)
at bad jokes? 
What about bad hair?
More important,
can you smile at an
insane deadline?

If you’d like to be part of a young, dynamic start-up that is changing the rules in mobile technology — and you believe you can make an immediate impact — drop us a line and tell us how at We promise that if you are a good fit, we’ll show you the light and convince you to join our amazing team. (Our demo has never yet failed to do the trick.)

Find out why mobile is the next big opportunity — and why compelling Web experience on mobile devices is changing the way the game is played. Your friends will be impressed, and they’ll thank you for making their lives better.



The UI/UX designer will lead the charge in
developing the user interface for the DVC Labs mobile web experience. He/she will work
closely with engineering,
product development and marketing to rapidly investigate and analyze requirements, analyze and diagram user profiles and workflows, develop UI paradigm — and deliver highly usable interface solutions.

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  MOZILLA Godzilla Needed

DVC Labs is looking for rock star Mozilla engineers to join our growing team! This is a fantastic opportunity to develop Mozilla- based web services for media delivery to mobile phones.

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Current Job Openings

We need brilliant, energetic and passionate people to join our team in various key positions, including:


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