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Life is tough (it shouldn't be dull)

DVC Labs is an exciting venture-backed startup that’s out to change the world. Sure, lots of people make that claim, but we mean it. Our mission is to fundamentally alter the way people use their mobile devices. A bold claim? Maybe. But our investors sure believed us. And when you check us out for yourself, we think you will too.

   What's your worst job nightmare?
Everyone has one. Here’s a particularly
horrendous horror story a colleague
shared with us

“In the days before VPN
and Web mail,
my boss would come in
on Saturday just to
send mail. This way,
his boss would think he
worked all weekend!"


DVC Labs Raises $4.8 Million in Financing, Announces Board

So, what do you really want?

How about the benefits of
a “big company” combined with
the excitement, entrepreneurial
spirit and growth potential
of a start-up?
Not to mention,
  • Free food
  • Free phone
  • And plenty of opportunity
    to work hard and play
    even harder.

Don’t even think of applying here unless...  

What do we really want?

We are looking for exceptional talent in a wide
range of fields, including web technologies, scalable
server architecture, multimedia codecs,
and mobile technologies.

Smart people hire smarter people

That’s our mantra.
And it’ why we’re looking
for people like you
—individuals with
the smarts, the drive and
the passion to help us
achieve our mission.


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